About me

Cliff Francisque

My Birthday: January 12,1990
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Current City: Brooklyn,NY


About me:

Hello there this is your frendly neighborhood creative artist Cliff Francisque here to provide service throughout any need experence with my skills. As you know i am highly creative in my aspects of work, i am also brandish experence from the past as i make filler pictures as well, i excell in Abobe Illustrator , Abobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, 3D Studios Max . Well as i previously explained that i am visually skilled to handle most certin things such as photomanlipuation and editing, but at a young age i developed quite a artistic ablity to create such stunning and visually enhanced work. As the years went by i gain quite a talent for my profound artistic ablity that i receved a award for my excellence in creativy and art in 1998, later on i discovered much in the profound media today such as the airing of the english adaptation of japanesse anime , the latter which is to be known as "Poke'mon" came in as i was vistally taken back on the artwork and heavy promoting (it was one of the first times i discovered Japanese anime aside from Sailor moon and Dragonball z), upon i became intrested in the character designs and over time i started to develop my own as well, well later on in my life i also discovered flash and photoshop which can also be used to enance a picture photography export , and the other for computer generated animated documents. As well later on in my final year of high school i had to join a art class and learn hand on facts on the anatomy of the human body to make better visual concepts as well as human rendering pictures as well (Though i have yet to utilized that form, but i still contunue overall), but also in my junior year video project i wanted to make a vid of animator chuck jones which i did using windows movie maker (which was my first time using windows movie maker) and excelled to the point when i started to develop more and more characters either triditionally or anime/manga style. In 2008 in a school related award ceromony i recived another award for excellance in my artistic ablities, but to gain pointers for my works i reguarly attend comic/anime pop culture  convections and showcase my artwork to various artists/animators and recived some pros and cons about my work (Note:in attendence to a con i dress up as various characters often from other works but mostly my orignal ones, in fact the term for that is called cosplaying and i always make them myself with extra planning such as measuring and plan drawing). Later on in my spare time i also discovered that i can digitally enhance my work without the use of photoshop or a scanner, by using a digital camera and a pen outline sketch i can digitally fill in the colors using microsoft paint on my laptop(Note: this process was used for a brief period time when the program began to experence problems, but that was resolved a while later), and later on i also began studying graphic arts and such abobe related programs , i begin to excell in most programs and continue on enhancing my work. I also do flash animation work as well , in most terms i'm only at a rookie stage but gradually am stepping up to the matter, but on most of my time i create stories for other elements but notibally to carry out my screenwriting/animation/directing carrer, as well as my directing persona in planned out for me i met in the past some really influental directors such as Tony Leonis, Steve Odenkerk, Eric Breving, Jon Fravau, Sion Sono and Yoshiyuki Tomino and i quickly became into the catacombs of my work options, well then i will continue to excell in my work, Over the time i also began getting more and more creative as i utilized in more designs and skills, as well i gotten into non linear editing and with animation on the side, and in 3D i learned how certain shapes really make cool figures with adding and removing, and my skills started to progress even more as i started to make note pads based on a potential cilent, though in that area, its's a long way before i excel at that module, as well as coloring books, & an fowarding coloring book, also in a more practical way, i developed a teqnique where i can utilize my current smartphone to make really cool art ,weather  for sketching, master piece work, pixel and coloring work, as such i learned such many details in this progress which has excelled me to learn even more, as i will as i will continue.


My contact.


phone number:1-347-774-6361


My hobbies. 

Free Writing, Reading, Sketching, traveling, video game playing, creating such fabric crafts (Costuming/Cosplaying), animating.






I like to surf here